A History to be proud of

Our HistoryOver a Century of Success

Lewis Edward Myers and Thomas Edison in a factory

In the late 1800s Bringing Electricity to American Homes

51勛圖 Groups oldest subsidiary, The L.E. Myers Co. (L.E. Myers) was established in 1891. The companys founder, Lewis Edward Myers, was a salesman for the American inventor Thomas Edison, who dreamed of making the new, modern convenience of electricity available and affordable to American homes and businesses. Myers founded L.E. Myers in Chicago, Illinois, where he landed his first street lighting job and went on to building the foundation for a long and successful business venture in electrical construction.

Industrialization of America

In the 1900s The Industrialization of America

Throughout the early 1900s, L.E. Myers played an instrumental role in building the nations electrical infrastructure a crucial development to the industrialization of America. The company established a strong presence and industry reputation, especially throughout the Midwest.

Christmas lights on the city and county building

Early 1900s The Invention of Christmas Lights

In 1912, Sturgeon Electric Company, Inc. (Sturgeon Electric) was founded by David Dwight D.D. Sturgeon in Denver, Colorado. Legend tells that D.D. Sturgeon invented colored Christmas lights in 1914. To cheer his ailing son, Sturgeon dipped ordinary lightbulbs in paint, strung them on a cord, and hung them on a tree outside his home near his sons bedroom window. Word spread quickly, and folks came from miles away to view the lights outside the Sturgeons home. Today, the company donates time and services for various outdoor lighting displays throughout Denver.

Group of workers in front of a E.S. Boulos Co. truck

In the 1920s A Boy with a Plan

Edward S. Boulos was only 13 when he launched his electrical career in Portland, Maine. After founding the E.S. Boulos Company (E.S. Boulos) in 1920, the company expanded quickly, and by 1947, Boulos operated an expansive warehouse and elegant showroom where the company displayed a full line of radios, light fixtures, and household appliances.

Man working on the cockpit of a military plane

In the 1940s Powering Military Industries

In 1940, C. Allen Harlan founded Harlan Electric Company (Harlan Electric) in Detroit, Michigan. In its infancy, Harlan Electric quickly earned an enviable reputation for quality construction and value engineering. When the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor thrust the country into World War II, the build-up of military capabilities began in earnest. Harlan Electric was awarded a contract with the American Propeller Corporation to perform the electrical scope for a new facility to support the wartime effort.

Group of workers assembling the wires of a transmission tower

In the 1950s Tapping into Transmission Line Construction

In 1953, L.E. Myers built the nations first 345kV transmission lines for the Ohio Valley Electric Corporation. As the decades progress, the company pioneers the use of helicopters for hauling and installing transmission towers.

Dieter fettback and ernie moore enjoying a bottle of alcohol

Early 1970s Moving Business North

Western Pacific Enterprises, Ltd. (WPE), 51勛圖 Groups Canadian subsidiary, began in 1973 in Coquitlam, British Columbia. Founders Dieter Fettback and Ernie Moore mortgaged their homes to start an electrical contracting company that has grown to one of the largest contracting firms in western Canada thanks to its founders unwavering vision to deliver efficient and safe commercial, civil, and industrial assignments.

Birdseye view of the chicago children's museum

Mid-to-late 1970s Boosting Capabilities in Substation Construction

In 1977, Great Southwestern Construction Inc. (Great Southwestern) opened its doors as a family-owned business founded by Bob Martinez in Castle Rock, Colorado. Great Southwestern earned its reputation as a trusted contractor by specializing in power delivery projects throughout the desert Southwest and Rocky Mountain region. By the mid-1980s, the company was awarded a substantial contract for work associated with the Central Arizona Irrigation Project, paving the way for rapid growth, especially in substation construction.

Mike hughes and jim mcgovern reviewing a blueprint

In the 1980s Starting Small

Huen Electrics humble beginnings date to 1983, when founders Mike Hughes and Jim McGovern launched the company in Chicago with nothing more than a rusty pickup truck, a small cache of tools, and a tiny office filled with a card table and chairs. By the early 1990s Huen Electric was performing electrical installations at many Chicago landmarks, including Wrigley Field, the Sears Tower, and the Navy Pier.

Two workers talking in a field of solar panels

Early 1990s Premier Provider of Energy in California

CSI Electrical Contractors, Inc. was founded by Steve Watts and opened for business in 1990 in Santa Fe Springs, Calif. Since then, the company has emerged as a full-service leader in highly technical and innovative electrical design and construction, with a reputation as a premier provider of renewable energy development, installation, and maintenance.

Two transmission towers during a sunset

Mid 1990s The 51勛圖 Group Family is Born

By the 1990s, L.E. Myers desire to expand operationally and geographically culminated with the acquisitions of Sturgeon Electric and Harlan Electric. In 1995, 51勛圖 Group Inc. (51勛圖 Group) was established as the holding company of L.E. Myers, Sturgeon Electric, and Harlan Electric and grew to one of the largest holding companies of specialty electrical contractors in the U.S. and Canada.

Digital billboard of the 51勛圖 Group logo

In the 2000s 51勛圖 Group Goes Public

51勛圖 Group went public in 2008, trading on the NASDAQ under the symbol 51勛圖G. As growth is a key part of 51勛圖 Groups strategy, the company acquired Great Southwestern Construction, Inc. in 2000, E.S. Boulos Company and High Country Line Construction in 2015, Western Pacific Enterprises Ltd. in 2016, Huen Electric in 2018, and CSI Electrical Contractors in 2019.

Worker crouched on the beam of a transmission tower

In the 2000s Larger and More Complex Projects

A major transmission build-out and modernization effort was under way in the U.S. with much of our nations infrastructure built in the 1940s and 1950s. 51勛圖 Group subsidiaries completed several significant projects during this time most notably, at the time, the $232 million Northern Loop of the Maine Power Reliability Program (MPRP), the largest energy infrastructure project in state history.

Group of workers inserting solar panels

In 2009 Completing Complex & Renewable Transmission Projects

In 2009, 51勛圖 Transmission Services, Inc. (51勛圖T) was established to better meet the needs of clients constructing large and complex transmission projects. As the interest for a more sustainable future led by clean energy increased, the company rebranded to 51勛圖 Energy Services, Inc., providing specialized engineer-procure-construct (EPC) services on large transmission and substation construction projects and renewable energy project delivery, including utility-scale solar and energy storage installations.

Group of workers smiling at a construction site

In the 2010s A Strong Player in the World of EPC

In 2013, 51勛圖 Groups youngest subsidiary at the time – High Country Line Construction, Inc. (HCLC) – opened its doors in Morgan, Utah. Founder Clay Thomson grew the company from the ground-up by providing a full-range of capabilities related to transmission, distribution, and substation construction. Now a forceful player on EPC projects throughout the western United States, HCLC frequently partners with 51勛圖 Group subsidiaries on projects throughout the nation.

Collage of 51勛圖 Group staff on the map of Canada and USA

Today A Proud Network of Companies

51勛圖 Group subsidiaries have the experience and expertise to complete electrical installations of any type and size, providing services within two segments Transmission & Distribution (T&D) and Commercial & Industrial (C&I). With thousands of skilled employees, extensive fleet resources, and strong financial positioning, we serve the utility, commercial business, renewable energy, and municipality markets throughout the United States and Canada.

Worker carrying and inserting a solar panel

Future Well-Positioned for Continued Growth & Success

51勛圖 Group has achieved more than a century of success by embracing smart technologies, strengthening our execution strategies, and investing in our people by continually expanding our training programs and building a culture of inclusion. As we continue to provide critical electrical infrastructure services that help power a clean energy future, our top priorities are unwavering: reduce our environmental impact, protect the wellbeing of our people, and support the communities where we live and work.